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History of Moscow

Confectionery factory "Red October" before the revolution called "Einem" — the surname of the founder Theodore Ferdinand von Einem. He started business with the release of the lump of sugar. The audience was not very sophisticated, so the sweetness sold well. The following year the entrepreneur has expanded its range and started producing candy and chocolate. With the expansion of production Theodore Einem found companion Julius Heuss, with his arrival came new types of candies, cookies, colourful and interesting wrappers.

Einem was not 50 years, when his health deteriorated sharply. Heuss became the sole owner of the company, but not renamed it, as the brand already had a high reputation.

Production grew, the existing capacity was not enough, so Heuss purchased land on Bersenyevskaya embankment, where he new 4 - and 5-story buildings were comstucted by the architect Alexander Kalmykov — one of the authors of the building of the Tretyakov Gallery.

The October revolution radically changed the history of the company "Einem". The factory was nationalized and called "Red October".

During the war "Red October" continued to produce chocolate, was created dark chocolate for airmen and submariners with the addition of African Cola-nut, which had a tonic effect. After the war the company managed to quickly restore production. In 1992 the factory was privatized and left the legendary buildings on the Bersenevskaya embankment. In a historic building remains a Museum and a workshop for the production of handmade chocolate. Today the territory of the factory "Red October" is one of the most fashionable places in Moscow — the complex offers galleries, cafes, exhibitions, art events.


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